Double Exposure Project | Mini/Location Field Trip

This post is just for funsies. A mini because I was too excited to not wait, but also because there are no more to this particular set. 

I recently went to Bodie, CA with my Location photography class. We also visited Mono Lake and Death Valley (although I have nothing to show for that one). I got to explore houses from one-hundred years ago, and see the interior of a couple. I photographed a bunch of one place and was in love with the wallpaper. It was at least three layers on the wall stacked up. I felt like there was so much behind it. I thought of the history, the families who lived there, what their lives must have been like. It was different to feel it rather than read it in a book. 

Anywho, I'll talk about the trip in a bit! Luckily the wallpaper had the same exact warm and cool tones as a portrait I took over the summer. I have two layers of wallpaper overlaying the portrait, and increased the contrast so it would look a little old and gritty. I wanted to give the illusion of somebody trapped inside of the wallpaper. I think it captured this. 

As promised, here are some shots from Bodie, CA. It was a fun field trip, but certainly had it's ups and downs; one down in particular, sleep deprivation. I am already one who doesn't sleep well, but road trips especially make it hard for me to fall asleep and stay asleep. The first night of camping got down to about 18 degrees making it unbearable for a first timer to sleep in a tent. After an hour of tossing around and trying to create some warmth in our sleeping bags, my friend Ashley and I ditched the tent and crawled into the warm truck where a couple other friends were watching Samurai Jack, because they couldn't bear it either. We camped at Mono Lake, but didn't see it until later the next day. That morning, after a collective two hours of sleep, we had breakfast with everybody else from that class that joined up. Then we all piled into the vehicles and went up another 2,000 feet to Bodie. After Bodie, we went to see Mono Lake before heading out to Death Valley, where we would be camping that night. Mono Lake was as beautiful as it seemed in photos on the internet. It perfectly reflected the sky (which sadly had no clouds, but was stunning). Warning though, Sulfur smells pretty odd. Kind of like a fish and a fart mixed. I guess after a while it KINDA goes away, but not completely. I went out and took a few photos of the glorious lake. Then it was time to hit the road again. Next was the long road to Death Valley. By this time the sleep deprivation was kicking our butts. We were cranky and very hungry. When our group arrived at Death Valley, I was incredibly unmotivated to anything in the realm of photography. I simply watched others and had my tiny meal. I couldn't wait to crawl into my sleeping bag and fall asleep. 

Anywho, I'm ending the story there. Everybody got home safely, got to sleep in their beds, shower, have more than a hot dog, and lived happily ever after.