Double Exposure Project | Take One

Currently I am enrolled in a photo class called "advanced digital workflow". Usually you're supposed to take it midway through your collage career, but since I transferred to NAU, I had no choice in the matter. I have taken the entire photography curriculum in two years, with the exception of the class that is a step below advanced...intermediate. This class is basically Photoshop and it's extensions in a deeper level. 

The last half of the semester has been fantastic! Most of my photography classes make you work on your own and make you take up personal projects. For this class I have kind of done an independent study that includes mimicking double exposures. Using Photoshop, you can create a "double exposure" as you can easily do with film. You can also do this trick with the Canon Mark 5D III, but I am not lucky enough to have one, and now I won't ever really need it for that purpose because it is so very easy to mimic. 

I watched a brief video on how to create double exposures. I will be trying new methods throughout this project. Here is the tutorial:

So after watching this I created my first “double exposure” and here is my result. I’m quite satisfied with it.

This one really is close to my heart. This is Nicole. She is an amazing, caring, hilarious woman my dad works with. She is about six months pregnant in this photo (and about to deliver in the next few weeks, eek!). I was so excited that Nicole asked me to do a maternity session with her and her family. We have worked together almost a year prior and it was the most fun I had ever had on a family session. We did cozy maternity shots in her bedroom and she was glowing. We had the idea to do a silhouette in front of her window and I came up with a fantastic idea. I told her at the end of the session I wanted to try something creative with her photo and she put her trust in my hands. I wanted to bring a whole new meaning to pregnancy glow and Nicole made that insanely easy! I overlayed a photo of flowers I took from last spring and it turned out heavenly. Looking back on it of course, now I find it ironic that I took the floral photo in the spring and she is due around the same time it was taken. Fate? Maybe. Or good planning. 

Well, that is all for this week, but stayed tuned for more of my double exposure adventures. 

XO, Shelby Bell