Double Exposure Project | Take Three


This week I took some old silhouette photos (circa 2011) and made them look brand new.  Regardless of how old they are, they were still fun to shoot, and even more fun to renew. For this project, I have to cover a certain amount of bases by creating new themes. This weeks theme is industrial. 

This week I tried a different, but similar tutorial than the last which you can find here:

It was fun to revisit an old photo and combine it with new ones. I had never really done this before. Honestly, once I edit and send them to the clients, I hardly think to retouch them. I do store all of my photos on an external, and sometimes it is fun to look back at my work and notice improvement.

These photos were done before I knew anything technical. I had a Canon Powershot which I took everywhere. I took photos of everything in sight and enjoyed the editing and photography processes. I set my subject up by a window and had this old hot light in the room. The hot light wasn't doing much so we turned it off and things got interesting. 

That's all for this weeks post.

XO, Shelby Bell