Double Exposure Project | Take Two


After my first post I wanted to try something different. Something that wasn't a silhouette. I took this photo of my sister the day before Nicole's shoot. Growing up, I made my sister play dress up and parade around the camera all the time. She HATED it. Of course, she was a good sport and would do it anyways because honestly, she liked the photos and I think it gave her (and gives her) more confidence about herself. She is the most beautiful sister I could ever dream of. She's smart, gorgeous, kindhearted, and talented, whether it's playing one of her many instruments, or creating something in art. She is kind of a muse and has allowed me to get better at what I do. I look up to her, even if she is a few inches shorter than I am. 

Anywho, for this particular shoot, she was actually excited to go out and model. It's nice that it has gotten easier, but it was also so strange to me. She had a blast, dancing, singing, running around doing silly poses. I have never seen her so confident and in her element in this spectrum before. Of course, I see it in her artwork and when she plays with the bands, but it was astonishing to see her so excited. 

For this image, I overlayed some snowy pine trees from late February on her shirt. The rest of the photo has the contrast bumped up and a matte effect. I am very happy with how it turned out and love that the you can't differentiate the pine trees from her shirt. 


he second image I used the same process, this time with bubbles. At the very beginning of January, Lake Mary froze over due to snow storms and my boyfriend and I decided to go out and enjoy it. I had just gotten the Canon 40mm for Christmas (thanks mom and dad) and figured it was a great day to use it. Standing on the frozen lake, I used the macro capability to capture some bubbles close up. I overlayed the bubbles over my sister's photo, then put a slightly purple hue on it to make it stand out. 

I am really happy with this weeks addition and can't wait for the next. 

XO, Shelby Bell