It's Been Two Whole Months...

Summer 2013

...since my last post.

So I have been slacking on this whole blog thing exponentially as of late. I graduated, have done sessions, job searched, started working, and am about to move. Everything has been moving so fast and slow at the same time. 

I recently got a job as a photographer at a studio in Scottsdale (three cheers for getting a job in my field), and actually had a couple of job offers in the realm of photography. I am so excited to start my new endeavor, whether it remain seasonal, or kick starts my career. As before, eventually I would like to go on and have a successful business of my own (preferably in Oregon or somewhere lush), I believe in fate and it will take me where I need to be. In the meantime, I am perfectly happy working under a company and plan on making their name even bigger.

I have been incredibly busy, going through intensive training, becoming a better photographer and gaining more experience in the studio where I admittedly lack talent. I am humbled to work with such an amazing group of photographers and for a company with a portfolio such as Cilento.

I never got a chance to post a newborn session I did when I got back home, so I might hopefully do that this week if I get the time. I got caught up in searching for a source of income that I just gave the photos to the client and totally ignored my website. Shame on me.

I also did a session with my sister this past week that I cannot wait to share. It was beautiful and definitely something I would love to try again. 

Hoping to keep to my promises and actually update soon. 

XO, Shelby Bell