Sabrina | Portrait Session

I have been wanting to dabble in something new and creative for a while now, and who better to pair up with than my sister? We had been planning this session for a while...waiting on a dress, trying to figure out the makeup, and finding a day that worked for both of us; finally it happened.

After ordering an inexpensive prom dress on Amazon, we decided to take the dive (oh, pun) and spend an overcast evening dedicated to at least attempting this idea we crafted. Of course, we picked a day the pool was cold...and when a dust storm was about to roll in, unannounced. As any photographer knows, if there is amazing light, not much else least when it's just your sister. 

I quickly got my settings perfect and then boom, showtime. I made Sabrina get into the pool and she got to learn how hard it is to control a dress in water. The skirt would begin floating, causing bubbles to appear which made the both of us laugh. When she finally became comfortable floating and I got my angles right, we got down to business.

Luckily, we got inside before the dust storm crept up and made the pool icky. I would certainly do this again, maybe even making it the only photo session offered...mwahaha. Not really.