Location Exploration | Downtown Phoenix I

Almost a month later and a blog update. Admittedly I would be bad at this regardless of being busy or not. I have now been working at Cilento Photography for two whole months and I hadn't picked up my own camera since my session with Sabrina. I just cannot seem to find the time to photograph for fun anymore. Finally I went to one of Cilento's selected locations for senior sessions, downtown Phoenix. More specifically Roosevelt Row, a place I have been dying to go for quite sometime, but had not gotten around to it. Now I am offically living in Gilbert, I am a cool 20-30 minute drive to this neat place that I cannot wait to return to... once the weather is a little more pleasant.

Here are just some fun photos I took with Marcus a few days ago. We got caught in rush hour traffic and only got an hour or so of sunlight, but it was so worth it.