The Buccellato Family | Family Session

Can I talk about my favorite family ever? Ahh, this family is the greatest; I love photographing the Buccellato's because to put it simply they are fun. They're a blast to work with! From their silly faces, to they handle meltdowns; it's adorable. I could only wish to have a similar parenting style one day. 

I was excited to photograph this family again since I hadn't seen them since Jovanni was a newborn. As always, they wanted a natural vibe with their usual sillies, and whynot? They're the best ones. 

Babies and kiddos and puppies, OH MY! And another wee one on the way! Buccellato boy number three! I am so glad I brought reinforcements to this cold windy session as getting the attention of everyone by myself would be impossible. If you've seen their previous session, you would know that we know what a Pinterest fail is! Luckily Sabrina is a natural with babies and Marcus is a natural with everybody, because I made Jovanni mad dog me more than I would like to admit. I guess I'm just a natural with puppies... and even then, Marcus still beat me haha.

XO, Shelby Bell