UPDATE | New Year Resolutions & Business Goals

Well, I'm back in the saddle, hopefully forealsies... I am the worst blogger ever and/or promiser of blogs. Marcus and I sat down the other night and decided to get some goals together, since you know it's the new year, bringer of promises and resolutions (this time promised to not be empty).

I have no excuse now, set with a brand new laptop, new year, and new eyes. I will be blogging twice a week now (tuesday and thursday), about what I do not know right now. Maybe I will give myself a shot list to complete this year. 

Since my last update, I have left Cilento Photography to focus on putting my energy and creativity into my own photography. I have started a new job that is not focused in photography, which has been the blessing I didn't know I needed. It allows me to focus on something else and come home to my camera instead of abandoning it. 

I look forward to writing something new this week and hope that I keep it up.

Until then,

XO, Shelby Bell