Location Exploration | Downtown Phoenix II/The 52 Week Challenge

Sound the trumpets, I have an announcement to make. I will be partaking in the 52 week photo challenge and I will be completing it. This is going to be my first time doing this challenge and I must say that I am petty stoked to start! 

For 52 weeks (or a year) I will doing a new challenge every week, using different prompts for subjects to capture. This will be kind of nice for me considering I haven't really been photographically challenged since graduating in May.

The first week's subject will be featured in Tuesday's blog!

Anywho! I'm here to share photos from a recent walkabout in Downtown Phoenix. Me, my sister, bestie, and boyfriend all headed out for a photo rendezvous because we hadn't all gone together before (we rarely have the same days off). I thought I had overprepared.. packed a camera for everyone; my dslr, the holga, and instax... what could go wrong? We get there after about a 30 minute drive, start romping around, taking photos. I go to take some sick photos of Markie (the bestie) and about 7 shots in my camera dies. The one time I don't bring any backup! So I brought my iPhone out and documented the trip via iPhone which might have come out cooler than I expected honestly. 

Here's some sweet photos from our trip:

Can't wait until I get my film developed! Until next time...

XO, Shelby Bell