Capstone Complete | The Big Reveal

I am now in my last week of classes! I just finished my Capstone presentation, hung a gallery, did my big TED talk... it's been a busy month to say the least. One that has left me frazzled, BUT I am excited to share with you all my Capstone project. This will be a lengthy post, so bare with me. I cannot contain my excitement.

Week one: Sabrina
This was the first session that I have had with my sister where I felt like she actually wanted to be there. She is the best model ever. 

Week two: The Silvas Family
One of my favorite sessions with my cousins. They are always so fun to work with and super silly every time. I enjoy working with my family like any other, but even if they weren't...

Week three: Laura and Errol
These two were an absolute dream to work with. It is always fun to meet new people, especially couples and seeing how they act with one another in front of the camera. It's also fun to work with a fellow artist and bounce ideas off each other. 

Week four: Ashley
Ashley is a fellow student in my capstone class, but moreso a friend. I helped her out with her capstone as well. I was excited to dress her up a little (make her wear makeup lol) and have some fun. When the sun was setting faster than anticipated, she saved my life with a flash and umbrella. Thank goodness for fellow photogs. 

Week five: Alex
Alex is one of my favorite models, like ever. I have had her pose for multiple school projects and my portfolio last semester. We tried to go for a grungy look on this one. There was a lot of snow and runoff previous to this photoshoot, therefore the pool had water in it... that Alex proceeded to somehow fall into.

Week six: Desiree
I have know Desiree for about a year, we had a public speaking class together. She is gorgeous! So I had to ask her if I could photograph her for my capstone project. It was the coldest windiest photoshoot to date (even Snowbowl full of snow didn't top this). She was a trooper and we got some great results. 

Week seven: Heather
After seeking models over social media via NAU pages and friend recommendations, I found Heather. Good thing I did. Heather is a natural in front of the camera, and so nice, it should be illegal. She brought so many outfits and props, therefore I have so many photographs from this session.

Week eight: Lizeth
Like Desiree, I met Lizeth in public speaking. We have become amazing friends in the past year and are almost always together. I have had her pose for a number of portfolio shots as well, but she asked me to take her senior photos, once a season. This was the winter photoshoot.

Week nine: Heather and Darron
Heather and Darron were so great to work with! They had the adorable chemistry that young couples have. I caught a few of them off guard that are to die for.

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did. Thank you to those who took part!

XO, Shelby Bell