Week 2 of 52 | Landscape (Traditional)

Traditional landscape: REPRESENTATIONAL: shows the natural state of the landscape, straightforward. I remember hearing this in Harun's location photography class. What I always thought landscape was.

To be completely honest with you I personally view landscape photography as a hobby. I say personally because that is what it is in my work. A hobby. I am not very good at landscapes.. not nearly as good as my friends, but since portraiture is my job, landscape is my way of unwinding, not selling. So therefore I take my camera on hikes or when I roam around. I edit and sit proud while viewing my work, usually of flowers or insects. I wind up printing them and decorating my room (or now apartment) in lovely hobbyist photos.

Marcus and I went to Papago Park on Sunday because he had the day off too! You see, Marcus is kind of a natural at landscape photography. He focuses so hard on composition, getting it just right while I, the photography graduate, goes willy nilly just having fun with it. He didn't bring his camera on this one because "it was about me" and decided to focus on iPhone photography (I lack talent in that far more than landscape). 

Since I am more of an abstract landscape photographer (I love textures more than a wide shot), this challenge was well, challenging for me. 

Of course I had to take some portraits while I was at such a great location.

I already cannot wait to return to this location.

XO, Shelby Bell