Week 20 of 52 | Landscape (Waterscape) | Vacation in La Jolla

Hello all! We are back from vacation, and like all people I have that melancholy feeling of wanting to go back and be home. I would say it was a success, even if we didn't tackle everything we wanted to. We realized we only live 3 hours away from Salvation Mountain and Joshua Tree, so maybe that road trip will happen soon.

We traveled to California with my family last week, first time bringing Marcus and it was a blast! We spent the night in San Diego and visited La Jolla cove, which I had always wanted to do. I love the beach... and am terrified... all at the same time. It was breathtaking driving up the road and just seeing a mass of water. La Jolla was beautiful and we both took lots of photos because how could you not? Marcus and I made a bet that if he put his feet in the water, I would ride the ferris wheel at California Adventure. I will share that both of these took place and I plan to never go on a swinging ferris wheel again.

Here are some photos from La Jolla. Enjoy!

Unfortunately for this blog, I have been to Disneyland twice this year and haven't really posted any photos. I am not big on taking my camera into the park because I would much rather spend my time riding as many rides as I can.


XO, ShelbyBell