Growing Up Pup | Kuma (Five Months Old)

Kuma has been in our lives for almost four months now and it has been a whirlwind. I understand sleep deprived parents, or how they worry when their kid is ill. Kuma has gotten sick to his stomach once or twice and it is a terrible feeling not being able to understand what is wrong. 

He is getting out of his biting phase, or trying to, and has been cutting teeth like crazy, giving him the worst breath ever. He is still the cutest thing ever and has so much personality. I love it!

Kuma is still only 15-16 pounds and we are working on the next big step, getting him neutered. WOO! I think he is almost done growing, and will fill out from here. Enjoy some photos!

After we get back from vacation, I would like to do more segments like this as well as Life with Bert.

XO, ShelbyBell