The Seils Family | Family Session

Happy Friday y'all! I have been waiting to post this one just because I had written a bunch of blogs at once, but wanted to make sure I finished editing this session COMPLETELY. This week has been a little crazy, so what better way to begin my weekend? Marcus & I are doing our first wedding as a team tomorrow and we are both excited and nervous. Thank goodness we both have Sunday off.  

Anywho, let me tell you about this awesome family session. I love when people recommened me, first off. But when they are super awesome, nice, and funny.. it makes it A LOT better.

Mary and Adam were so sweet right off the bat, and of course, Michelle is as cute as a button. Lots of laughs and adorableness shared in this session. Michelle just turned one, so a lot of the session was about capturing her milestone. She danced, played with rocks, and took lots of selfies; I'd say she had a great time. 

Unfortunately, the sun went down way too quickly, but I can't wait to work with this family again.  

XO, ShelbyBell