Favorite Locations | Florence

 (2) Locations: Price Road & Butte Avenue. 

With spring on the horizon photo sessions are sure to be a plenty for many photographers. Arizona's nice sunny weather and bundles of wildflowers makes springtime one of my favorite times of the year, minus the allergies of course. Since spring is around the corner and clients will be asking me to choose locations most of the time, I am going to be posting my favorite locations in a couple posts.

Florence is one of my most frequent locations! Since I grew up there, I get asked to come down and photograph family friends. Luckily I know the town like the back of my hand and have my go to spots if they do not have a plan. 

 (2) Locations: Price Road & Butte Avenue

I love love love photographing in the desert! This is mainly because this is where I started out. I love being outdoors, finding new places, seeing the beauty of different landscapes. It amazes me how diverse Arizona can be. 

 Locations: Main Street (Town Square & Florence High School). 

Since most of Florence is desert, I try to ask what people prefer. Not everybody likes the idea of walking through tall grass, weeds, or cactus; therefore a lot of people choose in town. A considerable about of clients love Main Street if they want to be in Florence. 

 (2) Locations: Main Street (Town Square & McFarland House) & Price Road.

Hope this is an insightful post. I will be posting more locations as I blog on.

XO, Shelby Bell