Week 7 of 52 | Landscape (Sunset)

Good morning! I am here today to talk about, well the opposite of dawn, DUSK! One of my favorite times of the day is dusk, with the other three being breakfast, lunch, and dinner. *Usagi Tsukino moment* 

Anyway, Arizona has some of the best sunsets you have ever seen! I love sunsets in the desert. While I'm nowhere near Nat Geo, photographing sunsets brings me pure enjoyment. I can't wait to use my new camera on a beautiful sunset! 

I went out a couple nights ago with my sister to the Riparian Preserve to scout and explore and I'm definitely in desperate need to return. Maybe this weekend! :D Can't wait to post those, even though most of the time was spent teaching her how to use a SLR.

Until next time! 

XO, Shelby Bell