Location Exploration | Riparian Preserve

Hello hello! So this past week my sister has been on spring break, so she came up for a few days to hang out. While most of our time was spent indoors, cooking, crafting, painting... we did manage to spend some time outside. There has been a place nearby that I have seen pop up on Instagram a few times, so finally I checked it out since I had a model in tote.

As you've probably seen a million times, my sister is my favorite model because she's always been there when I needed to get a project done, or wanted to try something new, even if it meant dragging her by her feet. She used to absolutely hate her photo taken! And now she's like how should I do my makeup? LOVE IT.

Let's stop talking and get to the photos...

I also tried to teach Sabrina a little bit about taking photos in manual mode. I've let her fiddle with my camera on occasion, but never for long since I wanted to use it too. Now that I have two cameras, photo walks may become a thing. 

Hope you enjoyed these. I cannot wait to schedule some sweet sessions at this beautiful location!!

XO, Shelby Bell