Week 9 of 52 | Artistic (Springtime)

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Hope your weekend has been treating you well and that you are having a wonderful time with your family! This week is about springtime, and what better day to post about springtime than Easter? 

Marcus had a couple nights off this week, so we spent them at Riparian Perserve since it's only 10 minutes from us and we both worked the next morning. The first night we went out, I forgot my card and the park was soon to be closing, so I just hung out while he took some sweet night shots of the water. After we got back home, I put my card in my camera for the next time we went out. 

A couple days later, we went in the evening and I got these photographs of the golden hour reflecting on the cutest wildflowers. I wanted to get some of an abstract look to springtime and use the light as the main focal point.

Have a beautiful week!

XO, Shelby Bell