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 Arizona Wildflowers

Arizona Wildflowers

Birthdays are over, everybody is out of my apartment, therefore, I can finally get back to my routine of blogging. I have been a slacker, but in my defense, I haven't had my own space for nearly two weeks. I have a few exciting things happening this weekend, so I should have a couple weeks worth of writing material to blog about. 

This past weekend I was supposed to do engagement photos, but do to weather, we decided to postpone. So instead, I photographed Bert and kind of decided that I might make a segment about her. I'm thinking about doing a "tips for photographing your pet" or something. People do this with children all of the time, but alas I am only a tortoise mama (and I want to keep it that way right now). 

Expect a new something posted Friday. I have a busy weekend ahead of me and I am super excited.

Stay tuned!

XO, Shelby Bell