The Buccellato Family Part 1 | Family Session

It's been a couple weeks since I took these and posted a new blog, but I've been a wee bit busy. Work has become crazy! It's summer, so the maintenance department is CRAZY. 100+ degrees for the past three weeks, phew! 

A couple weeks ago I spent my Saturday morning with my favorite family and it was...somethin'. Somehow we managed to pick one of the hottest weekends to take photos. We started around 9:30am and it was already 102 degrees. Luckily I had a family full of troopers and Marcus by myself, but you can only take so much in the heat. Especially with a 5 week old, 1 year old, and 10 year old. Somehow we lasted little over an hour and got some great photos. We had to quit early, hence the "part one." We are finishing up the newborn and 1 year photos this weekend in their nice air conditioned home. 

Despite the heat, we made it work and had some fun suffering and sweating together. This family is always full of laughs and jokes and good times. I am so glad Marcus was able to help me, get some practice for our upcoming wedding, and he might've had fun playing with the kids. 

Part 2 coming soon!

XO, ShelbyBell