Week 14 of 52 | Landscape (Abandoned) | Daytrip to Bisbee, AZ

So this seldom happens, Marcus and I had the same days off! We actually work complete opposite schedules so we see each other a few hours a day, usually sleeping. Not that I am complaining, but it's something I have gotten used to. He finally had a weekend off since we were supposed to go apartment hunting (but we decided to stay in the same complex and already have a place to move into)... Anyway, two days before, he decided we should go to Bisbee and I was questioning this at first, but hey any chance to get out of the house on the weekend, right? We drove down super early in the morning so that we could spend all day walking around this eclectic little town and honestly, I kinda fell in love with it. It was really neat and full of down to earth, really sweet people. We had a beer sampler at Old Bisbee Brewing Company, then stopped at a few stores and scored some sweet records (Marty Robbins and The Cars), ate at The Table, went to Shady Dell (and couldn't get in), then walked around Lowell, AZ, ending the day with our first margaritas at Santiago's. Whew. It was a sweet trip.

XO, ShelbyBell