Growing Up Pup | Kuma (Three Months)

We've had Kuma for two months now and he is the best thing ever. Admittedly, it is a little harder than I thought, having a puppy. He can be a severe pain in the butt, but he can also be the cutest thing ever. We haven't quite seen the end of the biting phase and it can be trying at times, especially for me, since my arms apparently taste way better than Marcus'. I am constantly covered in bruises, it's lovely. 

Kuma is actually four months old as I write this, but I hadn't shared photos from his three month mark. So far, Kuma has had a few growth spurts and is now 15 pounds. Every week he looks a little bit bigger (hence why I am documenting it). He is almost done with his shots, and we love going to the park (although, I'm still a cautious mom when it comes to the dog park, last shot this week!). He still tries to eat his sister sometimes, but we're learning. She now thinks she's a dog and might have her own bone in her tank (she also comes for treats). While we are struggling with biting, he catches on to everything else pretty quickly. 

XO, ShelbyBell