Sleeklens Review

Hi y'all, I haven't been on here in a while because as they say "life happens." In the last few months I have been busy with work, travelling, planning a wedding, and everything in between. I've had so much going on I've completely abandoned my blog. I've had a few sessions and events here and there, but the heat makes it nearly impossible to motivate.

This week Jane of Sleeklens reached out to me with the opportunity to test and review their portrait workflow. I choose to work with their Strike a Pose Portrait Workflow for Lightroom. If you are familiar with Lightroom, you know that presets are easy to use and tweak. For me, they are more of a base point, so I was really excited to work with this workflow. 

Sleeklens has both all-in-one presents as well as base presents, which is pretty awesome, but Lightroom does not have the best technology when it comes to stacking. Regardless of the method, I am usually one to tweak presents instead of using them as a one stop shop. 

The All-In-One presets were a little overwhelming for me. I ended up only liking maybe 3, most of them were too much for me, even after tweaking them. I liked the warmth and creamy finish of the Sunset Portrait preset above. 

I absolutely LOVED their black and white presents and base presets. I do not use a lot of black and white in my work because I feel challenged when trying to get it just right. Sleeklens made it so easy for me to find black and whites that worked for me and that I could matte-ify if I wanted to. 

Overall, I had a good experience trying out the Sleeklens Strike a Pose Portrait Workflow. While I enjoyed trying their presets and brushes, I was overwhelmed with the amount of presets and brushes delivered. I really liked the portrait brushes and would buy the package just for the brushes. The presents were not 100% my style and I only found a handful I would use in my workflow. Using Sleeklens did not really cut down on my editing time since I always tweak presets and use brushes religiously. I really did enjoy their black and white presets are will definitely use those in the future. 

In my opinion, this workflow is PERFECT for somebody just starting out, trying to find their style. It has a ton of options and different looks.

XO, ShelbyBell