Antoinette | Portrait Session

Hey everyone, I have been a little MIA on my blog lately, but super present on social media. I didn't set a blog goal this year... I tried the 52 week challenge a couple of years ago and have since been discouraged. 

So instead, this year I vowed to be more creative. More collaborating, more art, less technicality, overthinking, and worry. I am trying to hone my craft again, and the only way I can do that is to let go a little and learn from others. Thus far it has been liberating. I have had so much fun with other local photographers and models; I've learned so much through others eyes. I seriously cannot wait to see where this year takes my photography.

A couple weeks ago I met up with Alyssa from Pakes Photgraphy and Antoinette, a new local model to photograph some fun vintage vibes at Tempe Center of Arts. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Alyssa introduced me to using prisms and light catchers and I admittedly bought a prism RIGHT AFTER our session ended. If you are ever in need for a heap of fun, these two are your girls!

Here's to this years creative endeavors! 

XO, ShelbyBell