Jessie & Jonah | Couple Session

Meet Jessie & Jonah! They are probably the cutest couple you will see today. There seems to be this new pattern in my life where my subjects are people I meet online. 10 years ago my mother would've scolded me for meeting up with people of the internet, but now it's to be expected.

Jessie is studying at NAU while Jonah is at ASU. Honestly, I wouldn'tve been able to tell that these two are far apart as they don't seem to skip a beat. Both of them were so sweet and kind, cracking jokes with me, making fun of my sillyness. It was truly amazing to work with such a fun couple... and photograph a guy who WANTED TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED (this is a rare thing if you are a photographer).

Thank you both for making my job so easy!

XO, ShelbyBell